Too Much Google

I use Google all the time.

Anywhere, anytime, with computers, smartphones, whatnot. As long as there’s internet access I’d just Google everything I need to know. And I’m quite fast too, I even won a couple of online quizzes, because I Googled the answer quicker than others. And that’s without a smartphone.

Lately I begin to be dependent on it.

Before I write, answer or say anything I would always Google it first. I’d hold off things I wanna say before Google assures me. That my spelling is right, the name I mention is correct, the topic I’m  referring is accurate, and so on. Even if they are things I already know.

I start to doubt my own knowledge, my vocabulary, my memory.

This, to say the least, is disturbing. Having practical and easy access to unlimited knowledge and information got me disregarding the things I already know in my head? This is just so wrong. I got myself too reliant on a freaking search engine.

Maybe it’s just me, nevertheless, I wanna say this to everyone.

Let’s not make ourselves too hooked on this entity. Sure, people needs to learn to use and take advantage of it. But as in everything else, have balance. It’s not the only source of information, knowledge, let alone, truth. And ultimately, it doesn’t replace your brain.

This I will try to remember before telling anyone off to “Google it”.

Maybe you should too.


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